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Waste Recycling Scorrier

Specialists in processing and recycling construction, demolition, mining & marine dredging waste streams in Scorrier, Cornwall.

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We can process numerous wastes from several industries, reducing landfill, improving ecosystems to protect our natural environment. 

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We produce both crushed and washed materials. These materials are 100% recycled having been reclaimed through our wash plant. 

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We stock a number of general building sands and aggregates for your convenience, reducing your need for additional journeys.

Waste Recycling in Scorrier, Processing your waste the sustainable way

RIG Scorrier, is a branch of RIG (Recycle It Global Ltd) Our plant can process a wide variety of Construction, Demolition and Excavation Wastes from countless industries, from soils and stones to trommel fines.

With the plant’s multi-stage density separation technology, common contaminants found in CDEW, such as plastics, woods, organics, and excess silts are removed from products we produce. The plant has a full water treatment system and ancillary water recovery system meaning the plant will reuse 95% of the water required to operate it.

Our Site

Our site processes even the most challenging wastes, creating quality, washed, recycled aggregate for the Cornish market. Our wash plant will produce the following key aggregates:

  • ^0/2mm sand
  • ^0/4mm sand
  • ^4/10mm aggregate
  • ^10/20mm aggregate
  • ^20/40mm aggregate

If you require a different or bespoke aggregate, please enquire with the sales team to discuss the details.

RIG is currently in the process of designing a bio-remediation system to integrate into our plant, which will expand our range of material accepted, to include waste from contaminated sources.

If you would like more information about waste recycling in Scorrier, please visit the our site information page.

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Our Site

Tonnes Per Hour - RIG Scorrier

We can process up to 200 tonnes per hour

CO2 Saving - RIG Scorrier

Recycled aggregates provide a 5.55kg CO2e saving per tonne vs primary 

Water Reduction - RIG Scorrier

We operate with 95% recycled water. Reducing our reliance on natural resources

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We are driven to eliminate unneccessary Construction, Demolition and Excavation Waste, destined for landfill around Cornwall.  Our goal is to review, refine and recycle all CDEW streams, minimising the landfill, whilst producing quality, recycled materials.

Our Services

We provide 3 core services for the cornish market. What We Take – The acceptance of numerous waste streams to facilitate the production process. What We Make – The production of quality recycled materials for use in the construction industry, along with the supply of typical building and decorative aggregates. Plant Hire– National and local supply of specialist machinery for any type of construction project.

Please click on the specific service to find out more. If you know what you require, or you need to talk to the team about waste recycling in Scorrier, please get in touch.

What We Take

What We Take

We accept construction, demolition, excavation, agricultural, mining and marine dredging wastes. If you have a specific request outside of these sectors please get in touch.

What We Make

What We Make

We produce a wide range of aggregates and sands to support the cornish construction industry. From 6F2 to fine sand we’ll have a product that suits your needs

Plant Hire

Plant Hire

We can supply specialist, specific machinery to meet the needs of the most challenging construction sites.



Information regarding some of the recent projects we have completed, at RIG Scorrier.

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Reducing landfill, improving ecosystems and protecting our natural environment.

Our Process

We take waste very seriously.  We have streamlined our processes so that we can respond in full alignment to the Environment Agency, demonstrating industry-leading best practice.  We take reasonably practicable steps to access and classify all waste, prior to its acceptance on site.

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Incoming material is evaluated by our Technical Team and Site Managers, making sure that the suitable waste transfer information has been provided.

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RIG Refine - RIG Scorrier


The materials are screened, separating the material into top-end, mid-size and 40mm down material. The top-end and mid-size are then crushed into capping and subbase materials.

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RIG Recycle - RIG Scorrier


The 40mm down material is then processed through our wash plant, removing contaminants and silts, resulting in quality, recycled aggregates.

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This is the RIG way. We do it right every time, to provide assurance to Cornwall and the market that the material has been looked after in the right manner.

Our Accreditations

RIG Scorrier have received the following accreditations for their CDE Waste Recycling Services in Scorrier, Cornwall. We have achieved award-winning status, at the ‘Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023.’

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Our Partners

We work with a number of prestigious businesses and groups, whilst delivering leading CDE Waste Recycling Services and Plant Hire across Cornwall and across the UK.  A selection of these businesses can be seen below: